Yay Area’s Finest: Leon Powe x Golden Child x Tyree Eastbay

April 26, 2009

Shoutout to Travis aka Yay Area’s Finest. Hit the jump for the Golden Child mix that is just nasty. Dude has so much bounce. Oh yeah and the Eastbay Funk Dunk from Tyree McCray. Lol Read the rest of this entry »

Hoopmixtape: Brandon Jennings Killing Junior Year At Hoophall Classic.

April 16, 2009

Here is “The Takeover” doing his this at the Durham Hoophall Classic his junior year.

Filming this event was cool. I remember me and Nils were trying to stay low key so neither one of us went baseline for this game. I wish Nils kept the audio of him talking to the guy in the crowd during warmups. He was calling out every dunk Brandon was gonna do. LOL Shoutout to Hoopmixtape

Another video of Brandon Jennings doing an eastbay after the jump…
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TMM TV: 360 Eastbay In Game by Elijah Johnson

April 12, 2009

6’2″ Guard Elijah Johnson puts down a 360 Eastbay at the end of the 2009 Wazoo Sports Derby Festival Basketball Classic. He is headed to the University of Kansas this Fall.

Aight we are back with TMM TV videos. I got alot of stuff coming from basketball, studio stuff, interviews, and more in the next weeks. Subscribe to TellMeManeTV on youtube.

Hoopmixtape: Derrick Favors x T-Dub Gets Up

April 6, 2009

Here is 5’9 Tdub doing what he does best during TFB/K1X week.

Shoutout to Nils from Hoopmixtape.com Derrick Favors video after the jump…
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Hoopmixtape: 2009 McDonald’s Slam Dunk Contest

April 1, 2009

Here is the entire 2009 McDonald’s All American Slam Dunk Contest from Miami, Florida. Avery Bradley wins the contest, also checkout Avery dunk on Mason Plumlee after the jump.
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Hoopmixtape: Peyton Siva Dunking @ McDonald’s Practice

March 30, 2009

Here is Peyton Siva fooling around in the first McDonald’s All Star practice today. Peyton is not known as a dunker as much as he is a playmaker.  Siva has committed to play college ball Louisville. The Mcdonald’s Slam Dunk Contest is TOMORROW 7-9PM (ET) on ESPN2.

Shoutout to Nils from Hoopmixtape.com for the update. Man I was supposed to be in Miami but my paper wouldn’t let me go.  Look for updates all this week from McDonald’s.