QuESt Says: Operation Takeover x The Reinforcements (Mixtape) x Two Remixes

Quest says he will do a remix every Friday for the year. We got 50 left he did it for the first 2 weeks. I hope he can do it because I am becoming a fan of dude. I also posted his other mixtape “QuESt – The Reinforcements” and 2 remixes he has done this year so far.
Tracklist and Links After the Jump

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QuESt – Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth [Remix]

QuESt – Bigga Than World

QuESt – The Reinforcements

01.) QuESt Says “Reinforcements”
02.) Reinforcements
03.) I Don’t Even Use Auto-Tune
04.) Chillin’ [Remix] (Ft. Wale)
05.) I.L.L.
06.) I Just Wanted To Say (Skit)
07.) Jedi
08.) Some Shit I Was Thinking On My Way To School
09.) Hey Love
10.) Now Download The Mixtape Bitches!

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