SOLE Collector Issue 25 has 3 Covers

SC25 Cover.indd

Issue #25 of Sole Collector Mag features 3 different covers. Penny Hardaway, Carmelo Anthony, and the Adidas players: Kevin Garnett, Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, and Dwight Howard.  Sole

Click the Jump  to look at the full  covers. 

Exclusive look into the adidas basketball team. Issue 25 ships the week of 12/14 and is one of the best issues ever:

* Melo Interview
* SC Exclusive Penny Hardaway Interview
* All LeBron VI Colorways including an interview with Ken Link
* Nike Basketball PEs
* 60 Years of PUMA
* Converse Wade 4
* adidas Basketball
* Little Penny 1/2 Cent Breakout with Little Penny
* Wale Interview on Penny
* Mr Boober
* Eminem 2s
* Chris Paul Summer Travels
* M5 Sneakerphile
* MJ Motorsports
* Derek Jeter Cap
* Jordan PEs

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